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About company:

LocalTrade is an exchange that has been operating since 2017. It specializes in trading more than twenty cryptocurrencies. Spot trading available. For a transaction, LocalTrade charges a commission of 0.2% of its volume. Also on the platform, you can quickly exchange coins or make a profit for their placement (staking). In addition, the functionality of the exchange includes a code generator that allows you to send cryptocurrency to other users. As well as a service for launching cryptocurrency projects.

3 thoughts on “LocalTrade.cc  Review

  1. I read reviews on the exchange and I understand that the main problem of the office is the withdrawal of money. The guys do not want to play fair and throw people at money. It’s good that I stumbled upon the reviews in a timely manner and did not become one of those who were harshly thrown

  2. It is rightly noted here – it makes no sense to sit on ordinary accounts on the company’s stock exchange. Conditions are disgusting. And VIP accounts need good investments. But here’s the problem – for large investments, serious guarantees of protection and safety of funds are needed. But the exchange does not provide such guarantees.

  3. I have a negative attitude towards this site. Charts for forecasting cannot be used – it seems that they do not display any relevant information. The price changes instantly, so it’s hard to keep track of it. They give you money, but if you don’t withdraw funds on time, they can block your account. I do not want to contact the exchange, I will close the account.

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