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About company:

CryptoRocket was founded in 2021. Registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The project provides traders with access to the European stock market. CryptoRocket uses MT4 and MT5 as trading platforms. The broker supports trading in cryptocurrencies, fiats, stocks and indices. The maximum leverage is 1:500. At the same time, the project does not set limits on the size of the minimum first deposit.

3 thoughts on “CryptoRocket  Review

  1. The reviews on the cryptorocket site are just tin)) These people were taken from some second-rate dating site! Scream! The office is designed for suckers, I love it. I’m not surprised if they have already thrown a couple of dozen people for money

  2. I can’t pass verification, I provided a bunch of documents, I sent everything that was asked, even too much, I think. The account is in verification mode. Everything is blocked. What kind of nonsense? Fuck such a company!

  3. Not so long ago I tried to trade through CryptoRocket – first from the demo, then in real life. I trade major pairs and index CFDs. So, this broker did not have the latter, there are only CFDs on shares. You can trade with any version of Metatrader, I chose MT4. CryptoRocket has no minimum deposit requirements, leverage is provided. The spread on the demo made me happy – from 0.6 points for EUR/USD. When I switched to a real account, its minimum value increased to 1 pip. I wasn’t surprised at all, it’s normal. I left several positions open for a week to see if I can trade with this broker on the W1 chart. The swaps devoured most of the profit, so I left.

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