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About company

EXBI is a token sale platform that gives users the opportunity to access promising Web3 projects in the early stages of development.
Investments in promising Web3 projects
Proven Web3 projects you can trust. Supported by industry-leading creators and foundations.
Our advantages
Innovation, safety and comfort.
Selection of promising projects
We carefully analyze and select the most innovative crypto startups to lead you to success.
Safety and reliability
We pay special attention to protecting your funds and data using advanced encryption technologies.
Community support
Connect with like-minded people, share experiences and get advice from experts in our vibrant investor community.


  1. It is still too early to draw conclusions for Bystokes. As a typical modern crypto project, they muddied their ecosystem, in which only the exchange works so far. Trading on it is almost the same as any other, the terminal is standard, so you can work with charts and indicators, open different types of orders, analyze prices, etc. In general, nothing unusual. The speed of execution is on the level, in general I am even surprised by the high liquidity in such a small and young project. They usually have problems with this. But the commissions could be made even lower, here you can immediately see the desire of the owners to raise the dough. Although this suggests that in the future they are unlikely to bully them, otherwise everyone will leave here. At the moment, I have a positive attitude towards the exchange, I hope in the future they will not come off.

  2. I learned about the exchange from advertising, for registration they gave a bonus of 2k rubles. Now, by the way, the action seems to have been stopped. In general, if it weren’t for this bonus, then most likely I wouldn’t start regatta. From the outside, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Well, really, there is nothing here that I cannot get from trusted exchanges. If only after the launch of other modules of their ecosystem there will be something interesting. As a trading platform – average. There are several markets, but the tools themselves are not very many. There were also some minor problems with checking the docks, but everything settled down there quickly. Everything seems to be ok with the withdrawal, I had no problems, I received the money.

  3. I have been trading on Bistox for several weeks. The other day I made the first application for withdrawal and received a payment. The money came in full, but the withdrawal fee is too high, as for me. Otherwise, everything is at a decent level. The exchange allows trading in relation to several markets, and among them, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are Dai and other stablecoins, as well as the fiat ruble (however, so far only within 2 pairs – BTC/RUB and LTC/RUB). The terminal is very simple and intuitive, you will figure it out in a couple of minutes. It is very convenient to place orders on the exchange, work with charts, replenish a deposit and withdraw money. The turnover at the site is not particularly high (around $3 million per month), but this does not interfere with trading.

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