YuanPay Group

YuanPay Group

WEBSITE: https://yuanpaygroup.org/ru/

About company:

A Chinese investment platform launched in 2021, YuanPay Group offers users the opportunity to invest in e-yuan. To do this, the project provides an application of its own design for trading cryptocurrencies. The YuanPay Group program includes AI-based algorithms for automated trading. The minimum investment amount is $250. The predicted profitability is up to 60% per day.

3 thoughts on “YuanPay Group  Review

  1. To be honest, I didn’t see a single flaw in Pexpay at all. I understand that it sounds strange, but the broker is really good and everyone who works here is trying to do their best. It is comfortable to trade here, help is always provided. In general, I’m fine.

  2. I don’t even know if there is anything good about Pexpay’s work. At first, they seemed to me quite intelligent and reliable people, they told and explained everything so beautifully, but it wasn’t there. I began to understand that something was wrong, somewhere on the third day of trading. I am already silent about the fact that they frankly twist quotes, this is noticeable to the naked eye. But the way they demand money is just trash. At first, they want it under the guise of profitable offers, and when they realize that they are not working, they begin to demand that they compensate for some damage, then cover commissions. And they do everything so quickly that in general at some point you stop understanding what is happening. What a funnel.

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