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The SBIT500 platform includes several services: a cryptocurrency exchange and an investment platform. The project was founded in 2019. Registered in Hong Kong. The investment component of SBIT500 is implemented as a copy trading service, which allows less experienced users to invest in the strategies of professional traders. Return on investment – up to 190% per year with a possible drawdown of 30%. The minimum deposit amount is $100. The exchange only supports trading of 6 cryptocurrencies.

3 thoughts on “SBIT500  Review

  1. Average exchange with average opportunities. Although I have been trading for the company for the second year, I cannot call this site cool. Yes, there are some chips like passive investing. But at the moment, many exchanges offer such an investment. And take the same CNB coin, which not so long ago could be obtained for free. Everyone was waiting for the CNB rate to skyrocket, but it sank so that it makes no sense to sell CNB now. I currently hold this token in the investment pool, but the yield on it is very weak. I think the owners of the Coinsbit exchange should work on marketing. Otherwise, customers will start to scatter.

  2. I can’t say enough good things about the company. The company aims to deceive people! Commissions steal money. The exchange rate is just over the top. The site may close work for several days without warning. In short sharazhkina office!

  3. I note that the creators of the exchange company are constantly working to improve the service. Many customers have registered accounts because of the informative site with a good design. There are no language restrictions here, the site has been translated into more than 10 languages. Very user friendly trading platform. True, a significant disadvantage of this platform is the poor equipment of technical analysis tools. Well, an important feature of the Coinsbit crypto exchange is a large number of coins. Listing can be done for any coin, even the most exotic one.

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