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Bitcoin Profit


About company:

Bitcoin Profit has been operating since 2012. The project provides its clients with the opportunity to perform automatic trading using an AI-based tool. Bitcoin Profit supports cryptocurrency trading. The platform charges a commission of 2% on each trade that is profitable for the trader. The minimum amount of the first deposit is $250. Projected profit – up to $ 800 per day. The application is adapted for mobile devices.

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Profit  Review

  1. My personal attitude to the project is more than neutral. I have already invested my money here several times, we can say that this is a kind of investment project with high risks and high returns. Of course, you can’t earn $400 in 1 hour despite loud promises, but $100 is quite possible. I still don’t fully understand the whole essence of the scheme, the main thing is that they pay. The manager only does what he quickly says and asks to deposit new amounts of money, this is the only thing that I don’t really like. I’m not particularly delighted with the service, since I didn’t always make a profit. It’s just that I’ve lost the habit of working already, that I would not want to leave the site, here I have at least some income.

  2. Inspired by the reviews of others, thanks to this Bitcoin Profit, people buy real estate, cars, yachts and other expensive things. I thought it was worth the risk, a very tempting work strategy, you just need to choose the right trader to whom you will transfer your money, and then just wait for the profit. I have reached the level of earning $200 per hour and I am going to ensure that it reaches $400. For half a year of work, I also bought myself real estate by the sea and a yacht, I spend money with pleasure and on all sorts of nonsense, because they were given easily, which means that they are spent without regret. This method is just a bomb, why didn’t they tell me about it before, like a fool, I did just that all the time. that worked for a penny.

  3. The advertisement said that the company would allow you to build earnings without investments, everything sounded so beautiful that it was impossible not to believe in this complete nonsense. As soon as I left the application and they contacted me, they convinced me that I should put my money on their site, which I did. After that, the real problems started. My deposit was quickly drained and the company offered to serve all the expenses, they offered to trade on my own with the help of their personal analyst, and I fell for the second time. It was a very wrong decision to go for it, I got a normal amount, problems started again and there was nothing left on the account. These people simply cannot be trusted, they are scammers.

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