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About company:

PointPay is a cryptocurrency platform founded in 2018. It offers several financial products: native token, cryptocurrency exchange, payment system, wallet and online banking service. The latest PointPay tool allows you to make a profit by staking cryptocurrencies in your account. For this, the client receives income in the amount of 6 to 30%, depending on the cryptocurrency used. In addition, educational materials on crypto are published on the project website.

3 thoughts on “PointPay  Review

  1. I have read a lot about pointpay so I have a lot to share. Their functionality is rather raw, as they want to show off everything from design to banal tools. It seems like there is a license, though I don’t know from whom and by whom it was issued. In one of the reviews flashed. Although they consider themselves to be the best, yes, the working conditions on a crypto bank are more than acceptable, there are still disadvantages: there is no margin trading and leverage, few trading pairs.

  2. Hello. PointPay is a strange organization indeed. I don’t like that they consider themselves top 1, first bank and so on. Simply, if it were so, then everyone would know about them. I don’t presume to speak for English-speaking users, but in RuNet, no one really knows what it is. I asked a lot of people, experienced and not very experienced, and somehow many thought that I was advertising some kind of scam.

  3. The most common crypto platform. But my question is, where do they get the 8% per annum yield for USDT, USDC and other stablecoins, if they are there. Is it all from loans? Okay, what if they take almost no loans, but make a lot of deposits? You need to know what balances the company has, what profit it earns – is that all they can provide? If yes, then good, this is a reliable place to invest. Well, if not? I invest 100K USD in tethers at 8% per annum, but where will the profits be paid to me? Assuming the total number of loans will be less than investments. Damn, a lot of questions actually. And the main problem is that it is a cryptocurrency. They will throw me here for money, and where will I turn? Well, yes, in principle, the sphere is already more or less regulated, but this is not a classic banking system, where everything is clear. And then there’s crypto. In general, I don’t know, I wouldn’t use banking here. Well, other services, such as a wallet and an exchange, are also not very popular, you never know, there will still be delays. I don’t really want to get into trouble either.

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