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Provide high quality and Best Productive services is a registered UK company, which was founded by a team of distinguished professional financial managers, analyst and experienced developers who came together to create a universal platform for cryptocurrency lovers worldwide. offers its users access to the algo-trading algorithmic trading system bot via our proprietary matrix Plans that allow users to choose the system’s operating mode as well as to participate in the affiliate program.Since our team develops its own strategies of trading and currency exchange applying all professional knowledge, techniques and skills that allow us to generate stable cash flows with minimal risk of financial loss. These rules are developed by experts in the field of multicurrency trading and fundamental analysis of the Forex market, they are ideal for our business and constantly being improved. In 2017 we have decided to enter the international market of long-term investments and offer unique cooperation terms for people who prefer a passive online income and are seeking for reliable financial partners. Automatrix is fully legit and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) .Accepting our terms of cooperation, you can be absolutely sure of getting a guaranteed profit and full return on your investment. We offer the best conditions for placing your deposits and are ready to provide quality service to all comers. consists of professional traders that manage your brokerage account on your behalf. Whether you are a small or large investor, we can assist you with your investment goals. Furthermore, you will have access to our streamlined service and ongoing support. We provide a service that is based on integrity and is fully transparent. Our investment methods are unique.We utilize cutting edge technology and trade a diverse range of currency pairs. With the simple and logical investment plans accompanied by high and stable profit, it will simplify everyone’s thinking about the online investment world and help people make money more easily in that. The most important aspect of our investments, which range from low, middle and high income are based on the fact that our core investment is always guaranteed, and now we welcome everyone with Internet access and an account in any of the received digital currency payment processing. Not everyone has the detailed knowledge of financial markets and for many people the best choice is to work with financial services provider such as forexcryptotraders, who gained required expertise and therefore can provide financial products in the form of fixed income managed accounts. After years of professional trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity.Its business spreads in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Russia and other countries around the world; have led the rapid development of the blockchain industry.We expect young and energetic new members to join us in contributing to the global blockchain business. At,we believe in in serving our clients in the most trusted manner possible. The well-researched and prudent investments you make with us are certain to reap profits. The strategy, which employs the arbitrage principles and exploits ineffective and unbalanced market prices.

3 thoughts on “VID TRADES REVIEW

  1. shit site. withdraw small amounts. and as soon as she requested a large amount, more than 100 thousand, they started deleting withdrawal requests once, more than 10 requests were simply deleted. then they blocked the account, they wrote that I was a scammer and used the bot and blocked another one of my accounts, they also wrote that I was a scammer and used the bot. although there was not a single transaction on the second account. and their favorite thing is that the site would freeze when a deal is in progress and automatically put a minus on you

  2. I have been wanting to return my money for 5 months, but the employees are freezing and do not answer letters, they generally scored calls after the withdrawal request, no matter how I never traded with them at all !! so it’s just about $ 350.. this is a shame for the company, there is no respect for them and cannot be!

  3. I played for 1 month, but then I raised 15000, immediately merged it, decided to replenish the balance, and they write to me that there is no possibility of replenishment for this account! Their mail is not working! Brought 32,000 into this office! From greed, I leaked Dogon, but I figured out how to raise, and my account was blocked! Probably scammers!

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