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The hype around “crypto”, which peaked at the end of 2017, is in the past. Despite this, today there is a fairly large number of holders of certain coins. And this means that there is a demand for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Today we will review TradeOgre, which at the time of December 2019 allows users to exchange more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Let’s not ignore the user reviews as well, many of which are wondering if is another scam project? General Information According to CoinGecko, TradeOgre was launched in 2018, which means that the platform is quite young. Unfortunately, in the process of writing the review, we were unable to find in open sources the registration address of the company that owns the cryptocurrency exchange. This information is also missing from the Terms of Service.

3 thoughts on “TradeOgre Review

  1. where my laziness ordered the withdrawal of DOGECOIN $ 1200, it says successfully the hash of the transaction went away does not exist, respectively, nothing came to me either

  2. They stole the coins and do it periodically. tradeogre support. There is no normal technical support that solves problems, the bastard managers are bred for coins. Already a trifle is stolen even for 10 dollars.

  3. I haven’t been able to get MWC with #TradeOgre for 24 hours now, tweeting support is a complete mockery, they just laugh and ignore, pretending to be fools. Small amounts are withdrawn without question, but if you have accumulated a more or less significant amount, be prepared for problems. You simply cannot withdraw funds from the exchange. You can still use it for mining and quick exchange / withdrawal if you are not afraid to lose coins. But I would NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE to keep my money there!!!

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