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Tokocrypto is a cryptocurrency exchange. Operating since 2018. Registered in Indonesia. Part of Tokocrypto is owned by Binance. Has a license to conduct exchange trading. The platform includes several cryptocurrency services. Including a platform for the sale of NFT tokens. Has released its own token TKO, the rate of which is growing rapidly. Trading commission is charged to the taker and maker. Its size is 0.1% of the transaction volume.

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  1. What is a Toko Token (TKO)? Tokocrypto was launched in September 2018 and became the main entity registered below the Indonesian Commodity Futures Commercialization Administrative Unit (BAPPEBTI) in the Gregorian calendar month of the same year. Tokocrypto’s latest project, TKO, is the first Indonesian cryptocurrency to offer a new hybrid token model. The token performs many functions on the Tokocrypto blockchain platform and allows users to participate in crypto exchanges, deposit and savings programs, cross-platform DeFi applications, and NFT marketplaces. Toko Token was officially launched in 2021 Gregorian calendar and has attracted the attention of all private and corporate users since then. The Tokocrypto platform was built on a bike with Binance, which is a great support for the project and its future development.

  2. Hi all. I will write to you today about Tokocrypto. Tokocrypto is a crypto exchange founded in Indonesia in 2017. Previously, I studied and wrote reviews of many crypto exchanges created in Indonesia. To be honest, Tokocrypto is not much different from other exchanges. I think the main reason for this is that the exchange does not innovate. As I have written in my other reviews, one of the most important things people want to see in an exchange is innovation, so the exchange should improve frequently and try to serve people better. If we look at customer comments about online exchange, we can see that most of what I have written is correct. Also, I think exchange officials should pay more attention to customer comments and complaints because there are some complaints about the exchange that are still not resolved. According to my research, the exchange only serves clients on its website, so there is no mobile app. I hope we can see mobile soon…

  3. Hi all. Today I will write to you about tokocrypto. Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s 2017 crypto alternative. I even researched and wrote about more famous crypto exchanges in Indonesia. To be honest, Tokocrypto is not among the various exchanges. This, in its…

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