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PointPay is a cryptocurrency platform founded in 2018. It offers several financial products: native token, cryptocurrency exchange, payment system, wallet and online banking service. The latest PointPay tool allows you to make a profit by staking cryptocurrencies in your account. For this, the client receives an income in the amount of 6 to 30%, depending on the cryptocurrency used. In addition, educational materials on crypto are published on the project website.

3 thoughts on “PointPay  Review

  1. I have read a lot about pointpay so I have a lot to share. Their functionality is rather raw, as they want to show off everything from design to banal tools. It seems like there is a license, though I don’t know from whom and by whom it was issued. In one of the reviews flashed. Although they consider themselves to be the best, yes, the working conditions on the crypto bank are more than acceptable, there are still disadvantages: there is no margin trading and leverage, few trading pairs.

  2. Hello. PointPay is a strange organization indeed. I don’t like that they consider themselves top 1, first bank and so on. Simply, if it were so, then everyone would know about them. I don’t presume to speak for English-speaking users, but in RuNet, no one really knows what it is. I asked a lot of people, experienced and not very experienced, and somehow many thought that I was advertising some kind of scam.

  3. The most common crypto platform. But my question is, where do they get the 8% per annum yield for USDT, USDC and other stablecoins, if they are there. Is it all from loans? Okay, what if they take almost no loans, but make a lot of deposits? You need to know what balances the company has, what profit it earns – is that all they can provide? If yes, then good, this is a reliable place to invest. Well, if not? I invest 100K USD in tethers at 8% per annum, but where will the profits be paid to me? Assuming the total number of loans will be less than investments. Damn, a lot of questions actually. And the main problem is that it is a cryptocurrency. They will throw me here for money, and where will I turn? Well, yes, in principle, the sphere is already more or less regulated, but this is not a classic banking system, where everything is clear. And then there’s crypto. In general, I don’t know, I wouldn’t use banking here. Well, other services, such as a wallet and an exchange, are also not very popular, you never know, there will still be delays. I don’t really want to get into trouble either.

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