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About company:

For us, it’s not about being first, it’s all about you coming first.

Main FX is a leading global provider of investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional investors.

Main FX helps clients achieve their financial goals and overcome challenges. To do this, the company offers access to CFD trading, commodity trading and indices trading with award-winning Forex trading conditions.

Main FX provides risk management, strategic advisory and investment systems solutions to a broad range of institutional investors.

3 thoughts on “Main FX Review

  1. Free cheese only in a mousetrap. After a couple of weeks of cooperation with Main FX, I was only once again convinced of this. The office seemed reliable to me, the manager advised me to start working with $ 2,000 in order to almost completely remove commissions, and nothing interfered with the profit. At the same time, they forgot to mention the inoperability of the terminal and the inadequacy of the support. Because of the equipment, you constantly suffer losses, support subtly hints that this iron is not working for me. But we all know that… In general, I highly advise you not to get involved with these scammers, it can end badly.

  2. Show me at least one person who actually made something with Main FX! I doubt that such people exist at all… Even if you keep silent about buggy stupid software, then elementary applications for capital withdrawal do not pass! But I tried to withdraw different amounts, and 500 bucks, and 50, but there was no sense in this! Now we are working with a lawyer on the possibility of a chargeback, but due to fake documents and the same residence permit, this may not be possible

  3. I am looking at new brokers, because the last one let me down a lot, changing the service policy without notifying users. Main FX looks quite promising, especially given the accelerated pace of the company’s development, and the reviews are mostly good, customers trust them. Only the absence of certificates from the Central Bank confuses, the domestic regulator will not be able to help in resolving the controversial issue (if one arises). So I’m waiting for everything to work out with the documents

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