Kuna Exchange  Review

Kuna Exchange

Kuna Exchange

Website: https://kuna.io/

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About company:

The Kuna Exchange cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2014. It is registered in several countries: in the UK, Canada and Lithuania. Supports trading of 24 coins. Kuna Exchange charges a commission to both the taker and maker for closing trades. Its size is 0.25%. The exchange is available in the format of mobile applications. The platform also includes an exchanger, an API for accepting payments on the site, and other services. The exchange has a profitable 75% affiliate program.

3 thoughts on “Kuna Exchange  Review

  1. A little steam is fine. I only went here because the referrer promised easy Fiat input from cards.
    In fact, I’m stuck on verification. There is simply no “verify account” button in the interface. When you try to enter, sometimes a link pops up, sometimes not.
    I was denied verification twice on the basis of fuzzy photos, I made a scan and now for the third time I can’t stupidly find where to send the scan.
    Why is the verification link hidden if it is vital?
    Double and sorry.
    Ps. They want a minimum of 500 characters for a review. OK. I was also promised gifts in connection with the fifth anniversary of the exchange. It turned out that this was only for Ukrainians. Do you need others? Well, sit in one Ukraine instead of capturing the entire post-Soviet market.

  2. Many have a negative attitude towards Kuna, but in general, the exchange is normal. It’s just that it doesn’t get much publicity, and as a result, there are problems with trading volumes and liquidity. But in fact, her functionality is not bad, she would be in competent management. For example, here it is possible to conduct external transactions from a bank card. Many exchanges do not have such an elementary and familiar thing. I don’t even talk about the benefits for the residents of Ukraine, but for other residents of the CIS it is much more pleasant to trade here than on world markets: the Russian language, normal support, a lot of thematic forums, everything is clear everywhere. There are not so many tokens, but there are leaders, new ones are gradually added, although not at a rapid pace. If the service is promoted properly, then it will be able to compete with other crypto exchanges. And so, there are no special complaints, everything is done according to the mind.

  3. It’s funny to watch this exchange. We started like many “wise men” – with a crowdsale. We put an insufficient amount of investment during the development and launch, as a result, we needed the 2nd crowdsale, which failed. No one really began to take their own tokens, which, apart from this site, will not be used anywhere, and due to low volumes, dividends are worthless. Then, by the way, they returned the funds to investors.

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