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About company:

FxBull provides a state-of-the art trading platform and we maintain a safe online trading environment secured with the most sophisticated security protection technology in the world.
You can choose to invest on any of more than two hundred of the most popular assets, including commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.
Please know that you are valued as a client and that we sincerely want you to succeed. When you open a FxBull account we will appoint a personal account executive to assist you.

3 thoughts on “FXBull Review

  1. I didn’t even think that they were scammers. they communicated with me quite normally, explained everything and even helped me trade. But it alerted me when they began to convince me to buy insurance, saying that anything can happen on the site, so it’s better to be insured. I refused, because I already transferred enough money to them. And from that moment on, it started running … the platform began to hang and several times I could not enter the office at all, and once I went in, and there were zeros. I started writing to support, and it turned out that it was due to force majeure. Obviously, it’s bullshit. And I think that if I had paid for the insurance, it would not have changed anything. Therefore, what is already there is.

  2. I wanted to try to send money for PAMM investment, but I had some questions. I called tech support but never got through. And for the second day in a row I can’t catch anyone, what’s going on with them ???

  3. Actually, I don’t believe you. This site only breeds everyone for money! The first time they allow to withdraw, and then they block. I have not been able to withdraw my money since October 2022. The support service does not work from the word at all. And only those who persuade us and convince us to put money on the site earn money there!

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