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Address: CT House, Office 4B, Providence, Mahe Seychelles

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About company:

Our Vision

At Capitalix, we want to bridge the gap between the traders and the capital markets,

providing our traders with the tools, strategies, knowledge, execution speed, and support to trade market trends effectively as they develop (instead of having to chase them). We optimize our platform to best help our users understand market trends, ride economic momentum, and make the right decisions to benefit from market volatility.

Our Promise to You

Capitalix bridges the gap between you and the capital markets by empowering you with the most robust platform,

trading experience, and support so you can use market indicators to generate signals for entering and exiting stocks and start investing right away. With 150+ assets to trade, training, and a multilingual support team, we are committed to creating the best trading environment for you  to achieve your trading dreams. With the powerful and easy-to-use Capitalix trading platform, you can gain confidence and start trading immediately.

Capitalix – an award winning broker

Capitalix won the award from the Global Brands Magazine as the fastest growing forex broker in GCC.

3 thoughts on “Capitalix Review

  1. I do not believe the rumors and until I run away myself, I will not believe it. So it was with Capital Com Limited. Friends discouraged me from trading here, saying that the company’s reputation is not very good. But I tried and have been trading for the third month in a row. I don’t complain about anything at all, as the broker performs his duties perfectly. And consultations, and a normal conclusion. I also trade without delay.

  2. Don’t trust Capital Com Limited! do you know how many scams they have in stock?? pipets is simple, people are bred just like that! And the money is not returned. They promise a lot of things, and when they achieve what they need, they evaporate.

  3. I am a little alarmed by such companies, as everything is too sugary)))) now my friend has started trading here, let him try first and then maybe I will take a chance. but the offers are impressive

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