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Earn money everywhere with CapitalCR

With the mobile version of our platform you can earn money anytime and anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse: instant information on closing deals, promotions and tournaments.

Do you want to earn money by trading on the stock exchange without risk?

To make a profit, there is no need to buy the asset itself. You just need to enter into the transaction, make the correct forecast, the price will rise or fall. The size of the price change is not necessary to determine – only the direction.

Suggest You to start with CapitalCR with the section “History and mission of the company.” If You decide to use the services of the company, be sure to thoroughly study the section ” Terms and agreements”. You can contact the specialists of the company or visit our office by finding the necessary information in the “Contacts” section.

We hope that Your cooperation with CapitalCR there will be long term and will make every effort to make the most of its best!

3 thoughts on “CAPITAL CR REVIEW

  1. Well, if you work with such sharashka trash cans, then why be surprised that they threw you for money? CapitalCR is a good example of scammers and scammers who scam people under the guise of a broker.

  2. Who came up with this stupid story that CapitalCR was founded in 1999? Yes, they don’t even have a domain for a year, and there is no real evidence that this pseudo-company has been operating for more than 20 years. It didn’t even exist a year ago. The story is really stupid, and the one who wrote it either did it for free, or who knows what he was under. But such nonsense still needs to be able to invent. It is said everywhere about trust management and investments, although in fact there are ordinary binary options here, like guess where the price will go and get money if you guess. Trust management is indicated, but there are no conditions for it, there are no statements either, who the manager is also not mentioned. The name of the founder was written, but his data is not there, there are no social networks either, just as there are no social networks for the brokerage company itself. There is nothing to say about the license, it is as if understandable, not a word is said about it on the site. Some kind of rotten and black illegal office. I don’t think it’s worth trading here, they’ll just steal your money, IMHO.

  3. Binary options is a cool topic if you know how and know what to do. This requires a strategy, as well as competent risk management. I realized this when I started trading through CapitalCR. The local managers explained to me the importance of these things, they told me that it is necessary to trade competently, then there will be a profit. Of course, I listened to them, but how else. Now it turns out to receive binary options in rubles from 5,000 to 20,000, I have a small deposit, plus I cannot risk a large amount in each transaction, that is, my risk management is very conservative. But it is important for me that the profit is stable. Then I will gradually increase the account, which means that the profit will gradually increase. + PROS:

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