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The BingX exchange supports spot trading in cryptocurrencies, fiat, derivatives and commodities. The project has been operating since 2018. It has licenses for exchange activities issued in several countries. BingX has a built-in copy tool for professional traders. As well as trading in demo mode. For registration on the exchange, the user receives a bonus of up to $100.

3 thoughts on “BingX  Review

  1. Being interested in crypto, I stumbled upon the BingX website. The registration was quick enough, everything is clear, the site dragged me in with its understandable usability, the exchange charts are also quite well done, you can see how much the exchange rate or cryptocurrency has risen and how much it has lost value. Those. support also pleased, I contacted her more than once, they always answer quickly and explain everything, withdrawal and payment are also simple. Everyone should use the platform!

  2. Good evening everyone, I wanted to share my experience in using the BingX exchange. Both the web version and apps are convenient. The trading platform is very well made, the BingX servers do not hang, like many of their competitors, which can have a lot of lags, and you sit with the current order and then it disappears, there is no such thing here. In general, I put 5 sites!

  3. Better p2p than ******. I really liked it, I definitely give it 5 stars, a lot of subtleties have been worked out here for convenient trading. I just started to understand this type of investment, so I invest in copy trading, everything is done for me, I just need to track sometimes, they will help to figure everything out. Thanks guys! Development further! Input and output is quite clear and simple, money comes quickly, and the application is very well made.

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