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About company:

AliKassa is an aggregator of electronic payment systems launched in 2020. It works with both individuals and legal entities. Provides its services in all countries. Allows you to accept payments on websites using bank cards, mobile payments, electronic wallets (Qiwi and PayPal). And also in cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC). AliKassa charges a commission of 3% or more for its services. With an increase in the volume of settlements, the interest rate decreases.

3 thoughts on “AliKassa  Review

  1. What safety of funds and security of trading on this platform can we talk about if, after working with her and losing a lot of money, I now also have to suffer from constant calls from scammers? The scammers just leaked my personal information to the darknet and got more money.

  2. I enjoyed working with this broker. Commissions are lower than on other sites. Withdrawed money twice. The withdrawal took place within a day. Both times the amount came without cheating. What would be more buns invested 5 thousand.

  3. Good broker, I have no complaints about him. I think I heard that it has only been working for about a few months, but it already has a lot of positive reviews, including mine. It is easy to deposit money, it is easy to conduct transactions, everything is extremely clear and simple. Yes, it is still rustic, but it is clear that over time it will disappear.

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