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About company

Fivoro takes pride in providing one of the best and most transparent trading platforms in the world. Our trading platform is free from complexities and in fact, is exceptionally user-friendly to any kind of user hailing from any particular background. However, even though we have been doing our best, there emerge circumstances on occasions which require expert help and assistance from the investors. To successfully remove such circumstances, we have formed customer support and assistance departments which works all day and night throughout the week. If you are ever caught up in an unwarranted situation, we can be reached by making a call or by sending an email. Alternatively, you can avail our offer of scheduling a call back feature for resolving the issue..

3 thoughts on “FIVORO REVIEW

  1. The broker does not withdraw money! The request hangs in processing, but there are no results. Support calls are ineffective. I worked with Fivoro for literally a week on a $250 deposit. Shoulder high! Gone negative. Then the manager offered to deposit more money, ahead of supposedly profitable deals that would make it possible to return what was lost and make good money. I deposited $1,000, but after a couple of days it became clear that they were just draining me. Put the remainder on display. As a result, $ 800 hung on a fraudulent platform. Broker not recommended!

  2. I do not understand the meaning of cooperation with this crypto broker. For this, there are exchanges with an appropriate set of tools and software functionality. It is not worth falling for the tempting offers of innovative digital asset trading. This is another scam. In fact, the site works exclusively for reception, output to Fivoro is not provided. I was deceived for 250 USD Then the collaboration ended.

  3. Scammer!!! Fivoro scammed me for 1500 dollars, and then they accused me of violating the rules and blocked the entrance to my account!!! Scammers do not give the opportunity to earn, and even more so to withdraw money. The broker does not fulfill its obligations!

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