Month: October 2023

Law firms

Notary Platonova Ksenia Vladimirovna reviews

Services:For individualsThe practice of new notarial actions was discussed at MGNPWhat documents are needed for a minor to travel abroad?Do I need to change all property documents when changing my passport?Notarized copyright protectionHow to buy escheat propertyFor legal entitiesSales and purchase agreement, legal aspects of the transactionProcedure for terminating a life annuity agreementThe next issue […]

Law firms

Notary Rudenko Andrey Yurievich reviews

Services:Legal entitiesReal estate (Real estate purchase and sale agreements, electronic transfer of documents for registration, real estate donation agreements, settlements through a notary’s deposit account).Inheritance (Opening of inheritance cases, will).Providing evidence (Inspection of Internet pages, inspection of audio and video, interrogation of witnesses).Family legal relations (Notarial agreement on the division of property of spouses,Declaration of […]

Law firms

Notary Lexakova Ekaterina Olegovna reviews

In the notary system since 1995, license for the right to perform notarial acts dated 04/03/1996. The notary participates as a speaker as a representative of the notary community in the media, at realtor events and forums, and at banking conferences.Services:Marriage and family relationsNotary depositPowers of attorneyOther notarial actionsWillsPledge of movable propertyInheritance casesNotarization of contractsProviding […]

Law firms

Notary Kuznetsova Natalia Eduardovna reviews

List of notarial actions performed by a notary:Certification of transactionsCertification of copies of documentsElectronic certification of documentsCertifying the authenticity of signatures on documentsDrawing up and registering a will with a notaryRegistration of inheritance rights (acceptance and receipt of inheritance) – without queueSubmitting applications from individuals and legal entities with digital signature to the tax officeCertification […]

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